Diana Voronova (she/her)

Junior QA Engineer

I'm motivated and detail-oriented Junior QA Engineer with a solid understanding of Cypress, Postman and JavaScript, seeking an opportunity to kickstart a successful career in Software Quality Assurance.

While I may lack industry experience, I'm open to challenge and growth, I have a true passion for testing and programming (I regularly visit testing-related meetups and contribute to Github). I'm a quick learner and aim to follow the best practices. I know how to find solutions, write scripts for automated tests, and use testing methodologies. I have a high empathy which is beneficial for understanding user behavior and scenarios.

I'm open for both in office and remote work. I don't need visa sponsorship.

I speak English and a bit of Dutch.

Primary skills:
Secondary skills:
  • JSON & XML
  • Mocha & Chai
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • SQL
  • Node.js
  • RegExes
  • Playwright
  • Selenium
  • Java

I write tech blog posts about QA and automated testing.


My Cypress solutions for UI Test Automation Playground on Github repository.


A Python program for repetition of Dutch irregular verbs.

Age In Days Calculator

Counts how old you are based on date of birth. It's my first project on which I've learned basic JS concepts.


My collection of solutions for Codewars katas.

This Website

Covered by Cypress tests. Check the link below.